Perks(?) of Getting Massages by Scott Fauble

As I lay there on the table in my running shorts, because getting completely naked for a stranger to rub your muscles is gross and weird, I start preparing myself for the upcoming trauma. I silently repeat my pre-massage power phrases of, “just breathe, Scott” or “it’s only an hour, you can make it an hour” or “you’re a tough guy, you’re tough.” I build up my toughness until I hear the lotion being squeezed out of the bottle and onto my torturers hands. At this point all my goals of being tough go out the window and I settle for just not embarrassing myself too much.

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The 4 B words of a balanced diet by Scott Fauble

Here’s the thing about reading dietary literature to try to make a good decision about what you should eat, there is just too much damn data about what you’re supposed to eat or not eat. Some people say you should avoid carbs, some say you should eat lots of carbs. Some people are all about paleo, or a raw diet, or veganism while some people go the other way and praise $5 Little Ceasar’s Pizzas as quality nutrition. Then you have all of the companies who make a “nutrition product” specifically tailored for runners. Well, today all of your fretting and tireless of studying the backs of protein powder packages come to an end. I am going to share my carefully tailored, easy to remember dietary advice. The B’s of nutrition by Scott Fauble. All you need to remember are these 4 B words to inform any decision about any meal you’ll ever eat.

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The banality of "recovery" by Scott Fauble

Want to know what the daily schedule of a professional runner is like? Well, you came to the right place, because I am about to tell you.

7:00 am: BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ, my alarm goes off and I open my sleepy little eyes to the motivational message scrawled across my phone’s screen, “Time to wake up, Scott”

7:05 am: I yawn, as I spoon the coffee grounds into the coffee machine and flip the switch that triggers the delicious nectar to be made.

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Why have a website? by Scott Fauble

I think it may be important to start by explaining why I used to think that having a website would be a bad thing for a distance runner. I used to be of the opinion that sharing your training was foolish because you don't want others to pick up on what you are doing. Presumably, an athlete should have complete faith in their training and believe that they have a better training plan than the people they are competing against. If one believes this then it follows that they should not want to share their training, it would basically be like a company sharing trade secrets or other proprietary information with their competitors. To be honest, I can still very much empathize with this school of thought and as such, I do not hold it against any athlete who does not want to share their training. To each their own.

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